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                                       The Full Story About Foreclosure Assistance


If your home is in Pre-Foreclosure status, we can help! We have a trained staff that specializes in foreclosure prevention and short sales. Our team also consists of Attorneys that can advise and direct you and help with Probate if you are in this situation.


In addition, we have experienced title officers that know how to get these deals closed quickly. We offer a free consultation with one of our Attorneys to help guide your next moves!


Don't let the bank steal your equity! YOU HAVE OPTIONS to preserve your hard earned equity and in many cases, your home. Either way, we can help put your cash in your hands, not the hands of the bank or mortgage company.

Call us directly or go to our sister website


Mike Haworth, Foreclosure Specialist - (561) 541-0607 -

Deborah Henriksen, Broker - (561) 762-7600 -

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